It's Halloween. Tonight, children will be outside trick-or-treating. While many of us may enjoy being a little bit scared, being downright frightened by real-life harm is nothing but pure horror.

Fortunately, the state of Louisiana has a statute in place that aims to make sure that convicted sex offenders are not allowed to participate in holidays like Halloween.

What the law says is they can't dress up in costumes on holiday and give out candy or gifts.

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What Louisiana State Statute 14:313.1, Items A and B state are listed as follows:

A. It shall be unlawful for any person convicted of or who pleads guilty to a sex offense specified in R.S. 24:932 to distribute candy or other gifts to persons under eighteen years of age on or concerning Halloween, Mardi Gras, Easter, Christmas, or any other recognized holiday for which generally candy is distributed or other gifts given to persons under eighteen years of age.

B. Whoever violates the provisions of this Section shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of to less than six months nor more than three years.

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Now that you know convicted sex offenders can not put on costumes or hand out candy, how do you find out where sex offenders live?

It's a very easy thing to do. You click on the Louisiana State Police's Sex Offender Registry to look up your area or a particular person.

There is even a National Sex Offender Registry where you can look up information on people.

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If you have information about a sex offender that is participating in Halloween you should report that information to your local law enforcement agency. There are penalties for offenders who violate laws. You can get six months to three years in jail.

Don't think that this law is not enforced. Just two years ago, a Morgan City man who is a convicted sex offender was arrested for handing out candy at Halloween.

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