Back in September, pop star Britney Spears decided that she wanted to dance while swinging some knives in both hands. The video went viral. Spears later claimed the knives were not real. Some people said they were concerned about the video.

The singer can be seen dancing, twirling, and then waving around to larger butcher knives. She is clad in hot pink bikini bottoms and a white blouse with long flowing sleeves.

The singer, in response to people airing concerns about her health, followed up with a statement claiming the knives were not real, and that she was doing this because Halloween was coming up.

Britney Spears Comment
Photo via Access Hollywood YouTube

Spears clearly wrote in her post that she was doing it to imitate Shakira's performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Well, following this, just like every other year, people imitate things that happen in real life. They turn news or entertainment news into costume ideas. The internet is now flooded with people who are imitating Britney Spears.

Here is Karina Guzman Perez who has shared this video of her wearing this costume and doing her "Britney" dance.

Mo Mumtaz really got into the dance as well. He is wearing pink shorts with a white top. He has his knives out doing a dance:

April Florio decided to be a little less scantily clad. She had black biking-style shorts under her bikini bottoms. She had the typical white shirt, but she added a twist to the ensemble. She had on brown boots.

Britney P decided to mix things up a bit. She decided to wear a white skirt made with shorts underneath. She went with a polka-dotted top and of course, she had her knives.

Often people use real-life events when deciding what costume to wear for Halloween, but please make sure you use fake knives! The last thing anyone would want would be to get hurt.

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