Halloween will fall on a Tuesday night this year, but there are many events set all around Acadiana leading up to Halloween night.

There are countless places to find a pumpkin patch for pictures, there is a Fright Trail in Scott where you have twenty acres of frightening fun and countless Trick-or-Trunk events where kids will be able to get candy.

Now, you are also wondering about Trick-or-Treat times throughout Acadiana. What day will it happen in each area of Acadiana? You can find out that information, by clicking here as our news station KPEL has compiled all of the information you need.

Behind The Scenes Of The Circus Of Horrors
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If you are interested in Trunk-or-Treat, Lafayette Police Department's annual Trunk-or-Treat event will be held at Girard Park on Monday, October 30 from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Now that you have some ideas about what to do for Halloween, the big questions are what are you going to where? What are going to be for Halloween?

Well, if you're like me, you are going to be very thankful for this fund suggestion. Some years, I know exactly what I'll dress up as to go and visit friends to hand out candy, but not this year.

Dog Halloween Parade in NYC
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I couldn't come up with anything funny or great, but all that didn't matter once I saw a ladies' post on Facebook.

Did you know that all you have to do to find a crazy idea for what you will be for Halloween, is to just ask Siri?

Ha! And, you can ask her over and over again to see what she says, Apparently this year, she wants me to go as "You could put on your fanciest clothes, grab a racket, and be a Tennis Ball". Hahahaha! She's crazy! I am round shaped though, so her suggestion isn't half-bad. I also have a fuzzy yellow suit as I once went as Tweety Bird for Halloween.

So, go ask her what she says, and report back to us!

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