We've been talking about the full moon coming up this Halloween and many are very excited about that.

The full moon has been associated with witchcraft, werewolves, bats - all things Halloween - for years. Campfire horror stories frequently begin with "There was a full moon out that night..." Lovers seem to remember their evenings better when there is a full moon involved and, for this full moon, it will be more special than usual.

Combine the fact that this full moon is falling on Halloween with the fact that this is the first night since 1944 that the full moon will be visible all across the US (weather permitting) and anything that happens "once in a Blue Moon" will be happening this weekend, because this full moon is, officially, a "Blue Moon".

This full moon is also a "Micro Moon", which is the opposite of a Super Moon, as the moon, right now, is at its farthest distance from Earth.

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