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The month of August will end with a very rare occurrence overhead.

For the second time this month, we will witness a super moon over Acadiana, and because of that we will soon witness a rare "Super Blue Moon."

Being that this is the second supermoon of the month, it is referred to as a "Super Blue Moon".

Supermoon Over Karlsruhe
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NASA says that the moon will be closest to Earth on Wednesday morning, and you will see the full moon from Tuesday to Friday.

We will not see two super moons in the same month again until 2037.

So, if the weather conditions allow, be sure to get outdoors in the evening and take in this beauty.

The last time we had a supermoon this month it was gorgeous and it was well worth the time to get out and witness it.

One more thing to note, there will be another supermoon before the year ends and that will happen on September 28th.

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