I know that not everyone in this world has a pet, but if you are like me, you can't imagine your life without one.

Even after our pets are gone, we often times like to have a memorial of some sort as a reminder of their life with us.

Sometimes it's as simple as a photograph on the wall or in the curio, other times it could be an urn containing their remains or a grave marker in the back yard.

Now there is another way to honor your pet: blasting it into space.

According to Celestis's website, you can put (some of) your pet's ashes on a rocket and have them sent into space.

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It'll come at a steep price as a "simple" space flight for your pet begins at around $2,500.00. This will get one gram of your pet's remains (or a lock of your pet's hair), placed in a special "engraved flight capsule" for a trip out of this world.

After its trip into space, the "engraved flight capsule" will return to earth. The capsule is then recovered, certified as having been sent into space, and returned to you so that you have a keepsake of your pet's journey (and an awesome story to share).

If you'd like your pet's remains to be sent into space, take a trip around the earth, and then reenter the atmosphere and burn up like a shooting star, that can be done! It'll only cost you twice as much, but for nearly $5K, your pet's remains will come hurling back toward earth and burn up as it races through the atmosphere, forever vaporizing any evidence of its existence.

View Of Earth From Space
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Want your pet sent to the Moon? Or even into deeper space? That's possible, too! It'll set you back around $12,500.

Of course, these options only carry a tiny portion of your pet's remains into space, but it would make for a great story!

I settled for a burial in my back yard which cost me 2 days of a sore back - but the grass is really green in that area.

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