If you or your kids end up with a massive stash of candy after this weekend, here's how long you can expect it to stay good for.

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Whether your kid(s) killed it this year treating door to door or maybe you bought too much candy, you're probably wondering what to do with all that leftover bounty of booty. As a general rule, most candy will last about nine months before going bad depending on the type of candy.

According to National Confectioners Association guidelines, the shelf life of candy varies by type:

  • Chocolate - Eight to 10 months if stored in a cool, dark, and dry place.  Dark chocolate can last longer, closer to two years.
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  • Hard candy - Stuff-like lollipops and butterscotch candies last about a year in their package.  As hard candy gets stale, it will become sticky, and the texture will feel grainy.
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  • Caramel - About six to nine months if packaged properly.  After that, it will get stale and hard.
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  • Candy corn - About nine months before it hardens from staleness.
  • Jellied candies - They last about a year unopened.
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  • Gum - Six to nine months.
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