(ABC 4) Ogden, Utah is filled with joy after finding the trick-or-treater with a huge heart. Only known as "Beetlejuice Girl", what she did on Halloween night sent the people of Utah on a statewide hunt.

On Oct. 31, Halloween, one Utah family was amazed by the actions of one trick-or-treater known only as "Beetlejuice Girl".

Beetlejuice Girl
Beetlejuice Girl, KLFY Twitter

The family was out trick-or-treating but was watching their candy bowl via their doorbell camera. Riley Coulson saw that the candy bowl on the porch that was left out for trick-or-treaters was empty and told the family they had to rush home because trick-or-treaters were leaving empty-handed. But when they arrived home, the candy bowl was full.

After checking the doorbell video camera, the Coulsons saw that someone dressed in a "Beetlejuice" costume had filled their candy bowl. They set out to find her to thank her.

After posting the video on a Facebook page called, "You know your from Ogden it" (and that is how your is spelled) the video went viral. Hundreds of shares and thousands of likes.

As it turns out, it was a post by Nathan Kizerian who has a Facebook page called "Utah Satire" that found Mykala Martinez-Branz "aka" "Beetlejuice Girl".

Mykala Martinez-Branz
you know your from ogden if, Facebook

Mykala Martinez-Branz's mother says her favorite candy is Reese's. The Coulson family loaded her up with Reese's and more when they met to thank her for her generosity.

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