Debbie Ray and I have decided to try to eat healthier in 2014, and being over 50, I thought I'd share with you 5 foods you must avoid after 50.

One A Day Women's Nutrition Mission Grant Competition Winner
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images for Bayer HealthCare

Men and women can start to lose muscle mass in their 20s but mostly post 40.  The greatest loss of muscle mass is between 50 and 70.  Low fat proteins like fish and lean meats should be a diet regular.  Sugar intake should be cut and foods high in fiber should be increased.

Fruits and vegetables are important, but some fruits and vegetable are not recommend after 50.  Pick and choose carefully.

From birth to death, your body is what you eat.  After 50 however, food choices become even more important.  Certain foods can even make you look older.  There are 5 that should be avoided after 50.

[Via:  Huffington Post]


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