My (CJ) wellness doctor had me pickup a product that will have you sleeping like a baby tonight and every night!

It's inexpensive, and it will put you out like a light.  It's called Calm.  I get mine at Drug Emporium on Bertrand.  Just add water, drink and you will fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed, not drowsy, and NO DRUGS!

Calm's active ingredient is magnesium.  Your body needs magnesium so not only will you sleep, your body will benefit in other ways including digestion and the ability for your body to absorb nutrients.  Calm is also an anti-stress supplement.

My doctor explained to me that magnesium in powered form is a must.  The instructions on the container suggests starting with one teaspoon of powder with water and increase to two teaspoons only if you feel like you need more.  It is very important that you place the powder in a glass FIRST then add water.  Stir until all the bubbles are gone and drink.  It comes in several flavors or no flavor.

Calm will also help with constipation.  I have a friend who was never regular and now is...on a daily basis!

Calm requires no prescription and is available over-the -counter.  Read and follow label instructions please.




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