I hardly ever buy myself Elvis stuff, unless it's audio or video. I'm not saying never, but because I have so much Elvis art, clothing, merchandise, etc. I don't have room for much more. My walls are heavy in Elvis, there's Elvis art under every bed in the house, the attic is full of everything from cardboard standups to Christmas ornaments, some pieces are in my office at work and there's a ton in a storage unit in Maurice. So, I hardly ever spend money on Elvis merch unless I can hear it or watch it.

However, I had to have the new replica Elvis sunglasses. I have the fake ones, but these are real sunglasses inspired by those Elvis used to wear in the late 60s and 70s. They arrived in a nice case, have UV protection and were available in gold or silver—I chose silver.

They arrived while Ellen and I were in the KTDY studio, so I videoed the big reveal. Ellen asked me to put them on, so I did. She liked the way they looked, but what was she supposed to say? (lol) You know what, I take that back. Ellen and I have a very open and honest relationship. So I'm going to say she gave me her honest opinion.

But I'm not sure they don't make me look like a giant mosquito hawk as they are quite large. So the question is, my new Elvis sunglasses, hit or miss?

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