Halloween can be a tricky time for kids with autism. In many cases, just the simple act of saying "trick or treat" is downright terrifying. One mom wants to help spread autism awareness with the BLUE BUCKET Halloween.


By now you've probably heard about the Teal Pumpkin Project where houses display a teal-colored pumpkin to signify they have non-food Halloween treats available for kids with allergies.

Blue Halloween buckets are something pretty different.




Halloween was kind of hit or miss in 2020, so it's possible the BLUE BUCKET Halloween autism awareness movement wasn't anything you noticed, or possibly even heard that much about.

The whole idea of blue Halloween buckets seems to have begun catching on in 2019, illustrated by one mom's Facebook post spreading awareness of what a blue Halloween bucket means.

What Does A Blue Halloween Bucket Mean?

In 2019 Omairis Taylor posted a picture of a blue Halloween bucket to Facebook and explained why this blue pumpkin bucket was so important to her 3-year-old son who has autism and is non-verbal.



For children with autism, the simple act of saying "trick or treat" on Halloween night can be incredibly overwhelming. The kids know they're expected to say it to get candy, and they feel if they don't people will think they're rude or mean.

One of my kids has autism, and I can tell you firsthand just how quickly a super fun night like Halloween can turn into a seriously sad night for these kids.

The BLUE BUCKET Halloween initiative is also a stress reliever for parents who feel the responsibility to explain to every house the reason why their child isn't saying "trick or treat".


A simple blue Halloween candy bucket can make Halloween night a lot less stressful for kids with autism and their parents, so please keep an eye out for them this Halloween and have a great time!



Where Can I Buy A Blue Halloween Bucket?

If you've never looked for a blue Halloween bucket, you'll be pleased to know they're not hard to find!

They are available in quite a few places online, so I've wrangled up a few links below for you. If you know of any place local that sells blue Halloween buckets, please let us know so we can get the word out!






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