She is a lot braver than most of us.

Watch as a fearless mom steps up and removes a large snake from her daughter's car.

The snake made its way under the hood of the car and this mother did what she had to do in this situation and that was to remove it from the vehicle.

In this viral video, which you'll see here, the mom keeps her distance from the snake and uses a stick to further guide it away from her.


Look, as temperatures begin to warm up here in south Louisiana you will see more and more snakes on the move.

Unfortunately, sometimes these snakes end up in places where they do not belong, like under the hood of a vehicle, so be aware and always keep an eye out for them.

I know we're only a few months into the new year, but I'd like to nominate this mom for "Mother of The Year."


Venomous Snakes in Louisiana

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