This is one of those stories that you will find truly hard to believe, but this is the story of a woman in Silsbee, Texas just outside on her riding lawn mower when like to a quite crazy and unexpected turn according to ABC News affiliate

As I write about this story, it is blowing my mind to think that something this weird happened to this woman, and I am thankful she is okay.

She told reporters it was a typical day in July when she hopped onto her riding lawn mower to get her chore of mowing the lawn cut.

Out of the sky, falls a snake. This snake thing started wrapping itself around her arm leaving bruising. But that's not all! A hawk then kept diving at the snake wrapped around Peggy Jones' arm.

Officials believe the hawk had the snake in its talons and dropped it, but the snake wanted its lunch back.

Jones says all she could do was try to fling her arms hoping that the snake would fall off and the bird would go away. The whole time she says she just kept repeating, "Help me, Jesus. Help me, Jesus".

And finally, help came as the hawk eventually grabbed the snake and took off, but not before that hawk's beak had bitten into Jones' arm. She says she is just happy to be alive.

What are the odds that something like this would happen? It's such a strange and unusual story, and the woman was very lucky that while the snake was wrapped around her arm she did not receive any snake bites. It did keep trying to bite her face, but it was unsuccessful.

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