Just a reminder, as it warms up and rains come in Louisiana, the snakes come out to play!


Zenger via YouTube
Zenger via YouTube


While this didn't happen in Louisiana, who's to say it couldn't, right? A man in Brazil called the police to report that a large snake was seen entering his vehicle through the fuel tank area.

Snake in my vehicle

The man, a farmer, called the police to get them and the Environmental Police Battalion to remove the snake that was trying to make his vehicle its home. It's a good thing farmers keep dogs around, because it was the dog that alerted the farmer to the intruding snake.


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The police said that they believe the snake was attracted to the heat of the vehicle after the farmer stopped to feed his chickens.

The snake came in at 6 foot long and 8 pounds. It was reportedly lodged between the cap that accesses the fuel pump and the vehicle’s tank. Of course it wasn't an easy task to remove the snake, either.

How to get a snake out of my car

Officers were forced to remove the back seats of the vehicle to be able to better access the snake, which was not injured, and later released into a wooded area.

And like everything today, the whole ordeal was caught on video. So, if you want to freak yourself out, you go ahead and watch this video. You'll probably take a good look around your car next time you get in.


And in case you need a reminder of what kind of venomous snakes we have around here...

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