I enjoy going to places to go shopping, and if I am going to the grocery store then I will definitely get a basket for the trip.

Every since Covid came on the scene I am much more picky about what kind of shopping cart I am willing to deal with while I'm in a particular store.

I am sure you are just like me, and you have found some weird things in the basket at your local grocery store.

If it looks dirty in any way or if it has any kind of wobbly wheel then I leave it parked right where I have found it with the other stacks of baskets. I have abandoned carts just for having a small piece of plastic in them.

I can only imagine what must have gone through the mind of the person who got a particular basket this past Saturday at a Target Store in Sioux City, Iowa according to a report on WGNO's website.

Now according to police officials, they do not know if the person who discovered the 6-foot-long interloper in the basket was a customer or a worker, but either way officials with animal control had to be called.

6-Foot Long Boa Constrictor Found in Target Shopping Cart
Photo courtesy of WGNO

Police say animal control officials were needed to trap a Columbian Red Boa Constrictor snake that was in the corner of a shopping cart at Target.

They do believe someone purposely put this slithering critter in the shopping basket, but there are no other details at this time as to who did this and why.

I can tell you one thing for sure, if this had shown up in my basket at Target, they would have had to call Acadian Ambulance to come and get me because I would have passed out!

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