For those who shop at Target in Louisiana and Texas, you may soon notice a big change when it comes to using the self-checkout lanes.

Some love the convenience of self-checkout, while some avoid them like it's a deadly disease.

Well, Target has announced that there will soon be changes coming to using the self-checkout lanes. According to the store's statement, self-checkout lanes will become express self-checkout lanes at nearly 2,000 stores nationwide.

So yes, if you have more than ten items in your shopping cart you will not be allowed to use self-checkout lanes, but traditional checkout lanes will be open and operated by a Target employee.

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While shopping at Target during their peak hours you may notice more self-checkout lanes open as store managers will have the freedom to open more lanes when they are most busy during the day or night.

Self-checkout lanes have come under scrutiny in recent years and studies show that the majority of shoppers have experienced delays and trouble with self-checkout lanes. Still, many brands and stores have invested in them and continue to use them even knowing of the issues.

Now, for those who wish to avoid self-checkout lanes or traditional lanes when paying for their items, Target, like a lot of stores, does have the option for outdoor pickup or delivery.

So, get to counting your items in the shopping cart the next time you're at Target, and best of luck while using the self-checkout lanes.


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