What is this?

A video of large fish with teeth and large eyes has many trying to identify what type of fish this is.

The video below shows this large fish, which appears to be smiling at the person capturing it on camera, hanging around a dock. Perhaps others have fed it in the past and that is why it is there putting on "a show".

The large fish hangs around for a minute, then swims away. Now, many are asking what type of fish this is and why does it look like this fish has sunglasses on with such huge teeth?


I ask if you caught this fish, would you keep it or would you look at it in the water and set it free?

This is one of the oddest things I've ever seen, but then again, there are weird things out there.

I encourage you to share this with anyone that you may know who loves to fish. I'm quite certain someone will be able to identify this weird-looking fish.

After watching this video I did a quick search for fish with teeth and I stumbled upon this beauty. Check out the teeth on this gorgeous fish.

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