It's summertime are we're all on the move.

If you happen to make a short fishing trip to the east of Acadiana and you catch a fish with this pink device on it, some are asking that you release your catch.

The fish with this pink device may be spotted or caught in Bay St. Louis.

The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Lab has tagged 20 fish in hopes of learning more about the fish and their whereabouts.

The internal acoustic transmitters will provide valuable information to those studying the habits of the fish, which could be used for future reefs in an around the Bay area.

Bay St. Louis isn't a far trip for many in our area thus that is why we're sharing this with you.

Many from our area will soon be in or on the water, and if you happen to catch a fish in the area with this tag, researchers kindly ask that you release the fish for future study.  


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