If you're from Acadiana or south Louisiana in general, you've probably heard your parents or grandparents warn you not to drink milk with fish. You may have heard them say, "It'll make you sick", "That's gonna mess your stomach up, or "You'll get those white splotches all over your skin". Will any of these things really happen to you if you combine milk and fish?

There is no scientific reason why you can't drink milk with fish. There is nothing toxic to the body when combining the two during the same meal. Think of all the fish you've eaten with a cream sauce—you didn't get sick.

The only thing that might cause you stomach issues when combining milk with fish is if you're lactose intolerant. And that would have nothing to do with the fish.

All that stuff about not having milk with fish is nothing more than a myth or superstition passed down from generation to generation.

And the accusation that drinking milk and eating fish at the same time may cause white spots or splotches, called vitiligo, to appear all over the skin is not true either.

Fish and Milk
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Contrary to popular belief down south, nutritionists believe meals that include fish and milk or yogurt help the body fight heart disease, diabetes and maybe even mental health.

Creamy scallop and pea fettuccine is a popular Mediterranean dish that includes milk. And the Mediterranean race is one of the healthiest groups of people on earth. Mediterranean people often cook using milk, cream, curd and butter. These recipes are copied all over the world. Not only are they safe, but in moderation, are considered healthy.

The bottom line—Milk and fish together are perfectly safe and are not toxic to the body.

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