A massive shark leaped out of the water and landed on the bow of a boat.

The group of New Zealand fishermen got quite the surprise when the large mako shark leaped from the water and landed on their boat.

The group of fishermen was targeting kingfish when they got the surprise of a lifetime.

It was estimated by those on the boat that the shark weighed over 300-pounds and was between 8-9 feet long.

ABC News
ABC News

Luckily the shark was able to wiggle its way back into the water and no one on board had to risk forcing it back into the ocean.

With a shark that size, it would have been very dangerous for anyone to come into contact with it while it sat on the bow of the boat.

No one, including the shark, was injured in this very bizarre incident on the water.

Check out this amazing video of the massive shark landing on the boat.

One more thing, what would you have done had you been aboard this vessel? I know I'd have been as far away from this shark as possible.


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