In recent weeks we've reported on several shark attacks along the Gulf Coast and now one beach group on social media is offering tips to beachgoers on how to combat sharks.

Yes, we all know that sharks live in the ocean or gulf, but when you're out there you should always be aware of your surroundings and conditions in the water.

For various reasons sharks have been closer to the shore in recent years, thus we are seeing and hearing about more shark attacks. So, what can you do to protect yourself from a shark if one approaches you while in the water?

Great White Sharks in South Africa
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According to a graphic shared by one beach group that I follow on social media, you can combat a shark by actually punching it.

That's what the group suggests, if a shark approaches you or attempts to attack you, hit the shark in the eyes and/or in the gills. The graphic reminds you to remain calm when approached by a shark and to maintain eye contact with the beast in the water.

Once the shark swims away, the graphic says that you want to walk calmly back to the shore and not panic as you exit the water. I think that it is easier said than done.

Here's the hilarious graphic that has been circulating on social media, and it's some advice that we hope you never have to use.


Now, here's a quick video on how to combat a shark as it approaches you in the water. Pushing a shark does not sound fun, but many say that is defensive tactic can be the difference in getting bit or not getting bit by a shark that's on attack.


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