When most of us use the camera on our iPhone (or other smartphones), it's usually to take a picture or a regular video. Sometimes, when we want to capture a cool scene, we'll take the time to shoot a panoramic picture. But I have to ask, have you ever tried the time-lapse feature?

Over the weekend, I noticed the clouds moving in around Youngsville, and I thought of my time-lapse feature, so I set my phone up on the car and let it record for several minutes.

Anytime you record in time-lapse mode on your iPhone, the final length of your recording will be between 20-40 seconds, whether you record for 2 minutes or 2 hours, as the software on your phone adjusts the frame capture rate accordingly. For example, if you record for less than 10 minutes, the phone puts 2 frames per second to video. If you record around 1 hours' worth, it puts 1 frame from every 4 seconds of record time, etc.

With that being said, setting up a time-lapse video would be a great addition to a video that you create that accompanies pics/video from birthday parties, ball games, traffic, weather, setting up/tearing down events, or building a project in your shop.

Here's a video I put together from two time-lapse shots I took over the weekend: the first part is the clouds moving in; the second is the lightning storm that shortly followed. Notice in the second part, you can see the sky getting darker due to the sunset.

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