If there's one place you do not want to be this weekend it may be the Gulf of Mexico.

Meteorologist Zack Fredella posted a disturbing update on the conditions for the gulf this weekend and it may be rocking for those south of Louisiana.

According to Fradella's post on social media, some parts of the gulf may experience 20-foot waves this weekend as a low-pressure sweeps across the large body of water.

That weather system should bring a lot of rain to the Sunshine State of Florida, and eventually to those along the east coast.


As for Louisiana, our rain chances do increase by Saturday, but we may not see the amount of rainfall those to the east of us get this weekend.

For those who may be on an oil rig or cruise this weekend in the gulf, well you should plan to hold on tight as the conditions are not predicted to be very favorable.

I can't imagine being out there with 20-foot waves crashing. And if you are out in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend be safe, and plan to take plenty of motion sickness medicine.

Zack Fredella
Zack Fredella

Here's another look at what's to come in the gulf, and yes, we are officially out of Hurricane Season.


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