Much of Louisiana and Texas is bracing for another round of severe thunderstorms as we approach the end of the week and there are a few important reminders to share here for when you lose power at your home.

As storms approach your area you want to make sure that you have flashlights, candles, and a fully charged phone and/or radio nearby. Having these items out before the storm and in a place where they can easily be found will allow you to adjust to the darkness quickly,

Now, when the power does go out at your house you also want to make sure that you turn off or unplug a few items in your house.

If you've ever experienced the electricity coming back on after a storm you know that the lights may flicker a few times until the power comes back on and stays on. Well, when the electricity flickers it could cause surges through your home, and you will want to protect a few things if that happens.

Johannes Plenio via
Johannes Plenio via

For one, if you can unplug any of your appliances you will want to. Plus, if you have any computers or gaming consoles plugged into an outlet, turn them off too, or completely unplug them from outlets.

In addition to that, you should also turn your HVAC unit or window units off. That's right, as soon as you lose electricity at your house, turn the AC to the off position so that the unit is not at risk of burning up if a surge is sent through your home once power is restored.

In addition to that reminder, you should also wait a few minutes after the power is restored to turn your house to turn the AC unit back on. Sure, it may be warm in your house after the power has been out, but give it time. This one simple reminder could save you thousands of dollars.

So, as we anticipate more storms in our area remember these few tips and be sure to share these quick reminders with friends and family on social media. We hope you and your family stay safe when severe storms enter your area.

One last thing, tornadoes are often embedded in severe thunderstorms, and here's what you need to do in your house if a tornado warning is issued for your area.


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