It seems like anytime we turn around lately, we have to tell you about another scam that is being perpetrated on the good people of Louisiana.

The silver lining is that officials with law enforcement and utility companies have great advice about what to pay attention to so that people don't get scammed.

As we all know, people in Louisiana work extremely hard for the money that they make, and it's just a huge bummer when thieves want to take advantage of that.

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A scam is circulating again that often rears its ugly head in our state. Entergy Louisiana reports that scammers are trying to get people to believe that their utilities are going to be shut off so they can get them to hand over money.

Entergy officials told WAFB, they don't think this scam will stop during the holidays. They want customers to know what they will and will not do to get you to pay your bill so that you can protect yourself.

If someone is coming to your door saying they are from your utility company, don't believe them. Entergy says they are not going to show up at your door without you knowing about it, and they are not going to ask for your money.

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Here are some other truly important things Entergy wants you to know:

If someone contacts you over the phone demanding that you pay them right that minute, then they are not from Entergy.

You can always call 1-800-ENTERGY to ask if your bill is late or past due.

If you want to pay your bill, you can do that through

What Do I Do If I Think I Have Been Scammed?

  • If someone calls you demanding money, and you have paid them, then call Entergy at 1-800-ENTERGY.
  • If someone has come to your door, and you have paid them, then call Entergy at 1-800-ENTERGY.
  • Call your bank or your financial institution to report the situation right away. They may also have other steps they want you to take.
  • Call the Authorities. You should call your local police department to report this crime.
  • You can also call or contact other authorities like the Federal Trade Commission, the Louisiana Attorney General's Office, and The Better Business Bureau.
  • If you think a scammer is at your house or near your home, and you feel in danger, you should call 911.

I would also add that law enforcement will tell you to never be afraid to call them to tell them that someone took your money. They also add that you SHOULD NOT FEEL EMBARRASED OR ASHAMED this has happened. Scammers are counting on you not reporting what happened.

They are the bad people, not you.

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