They're out there.

Lacie Domingue snapped a few photos of a HUGE alligator near her camp in the Atchafalaya Basin and she wants others who frequent the area to be aware.

Yes, we all know that there are alligators in the swamp, but would you check out the size of this gator? Luckily.she appears to be a safe distance from this monster that is lurking on the banks of the swamp, but he's on the move.

Several others who visit that area of the basin reported in the comment section of Lacie's post that they too have seen the large gator in the swamp.

Someone did suggest that they call Troy Landry to handle the "problem." As always, if you're in or around the water in South Louisiana, be safe and always be aware of your surroundings.

Lacie Domingue Facebook
Lacie Domingue Facebook


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