If you want to be happy, you should hang out with happy people. A person's choice of adult beverages speaks volumes. Whiskey drinkers are usually happier than people who choose other beverages. "How so?" you may ask. It's a clear indication they're comfortable in their own skin. There's nothing flashy, or trendy about drinking whiskey. People who drink it aren't showing off. Nor are they high maintenance.

Whiskey drinkers are healthier than people who drink other liquors with sweet syrupy mixers, or soft drinks. They're less likely to be hungover, and can go about their business the next day. Have you ever seen someone hungover, and happy? People who drink whiskey often drink it straight, or on the rocks. If they mix, it's usually with  water, or club soda.

Whiskey doesn't require refrigeration. It can be kept in a cabinet for months, even years. Go to any hunting camp, and you'll likely find a bottle. I know this from personal experience. Whiskey drinkers know what they like. That means they also know WHO they like...

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