Most of us like the kick start of a cup of coffee or even a soda in the morning. That little shot of caffeine is usually not a bad thing. Or is it? Most of us don't function so well with out it actually. The probably with things that are good in small doses, we humans tend to think they will be better in larger doses. That is where we get into trouble.

Such is the case with caffeine. A little bit in a cup of coffee or soda is okay, it's when you start using it in bulk that problems occur. Powdered caffeine is fast becoming an option for those who like to be on the go but that's really not your best option according to Louisiana Poison Control Center's Mark Ryan.

Using a wrong type measuring device is a high risk. Really you'd need something really small and really accurate to be able to get the correct milligram strength. If you don't use something like this properly, you can get yourself into some pretty serious medical conditions.

Most of us would consider death a serious medical condition so pay heed to Mr. Ryan's remarks. What you might not realize is that teaspoon of the powdered caffeine has the same potency as 30 cups of coffee.

That's a big jolt of caffeine and it can certainly affect your cardio vascular system, your blood pressure, your heart rate, make you feel dizzy or nauseous and throw up.

Ryan told the Louisiana Radio Network most of the users of powdered caffeine are young adults who use the product as a pick me up or to aid in weight control. Powdered caffeine is a drug and should be used only with proper medical supervision. According to most of the reports that we have read, almost every medical professional has the same advice, stay away from it.

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