When I was growing up, my parents kept telling me to eat my vegetables. When I got older, I decided to make an adult "vegetable soup."  Best of all, mine's gluten-free!

I put some V-8 juice (low sodium) in my blender with 1/2 medium tomato, added a dash of "Slap Ya' Mama" (Hot), some Louisiana Gold horseradish sauce, Tobasco Habanero, lime juice, worchestershire, and Kraft Hot barbecue sauce. I put 3 stuffed olives, and 3 jalapeno slices in a Ragin' Cajuns souvenir cup & filled it with ice. I added 2 shots of Tito's Gluten-Free vodka, then topped it off with the mix from the blender. Add 3 spiced beans & a celery stalk...Voila!! It's not for the faint of heart.

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