It seems like "everybody" wants to be gluten free these days. I'm not sure what that's all about. Humankind survived for millions of years before we realized gluten was killing us. Being a holiday, I decided to make a gluten free "tomato soup."  I put some V-8 juice (low sodium) in my blender with 1/2 medium tomato, added a dash of "Slap Ya' Mama" (Hot), some Louisiana Gold horseradish sauce, Tobasco Habanero, lime juice, worchestershire, and Kraft Hot barbecue sauce. I put 3 stuffed olives, and 3 jalapeno slices in a Ragin' Cajuns souvenir cup & filled it with ice. I added 2 shots of Tito's Gluten-Free vodka, then topped it off with the mix from the blender. Add 3 spiced beans & a celery stalk...Voila!! It's not for the faint of heart.

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