A number of years ago, I was lying awake in bed, while my then live in girlfriend was fast asleep. I looked at her, and thought to myself, "Can I REALLY trust her?"  The answer wasn't long in coming. If you have a gut feeling you're in a bad relationship, you most likely are. We (that includes Me) sometimes ignore clear warnings that our relationships are dead ends. The reasons vary. We may love someone who simply isn't good for us. It may be a matter of logistics, children, pets, or finances.

There are some "Red Flags" that shouldn't be ignored. If you have to do a sales job on your friends & family, that's a pretty clear indication. If the people close to you you despise this person, run and don't look back! If you're staying because of a house, pet, children, or simply because you have someone to split expenses with, it's time to make other arrangements. I once asked a friend why she stayed in an abusive marriage for ten years. Her response, "to take care of his mother."  I was floored. Let him find someone else! Here's a list of 6 signs you shouldn't ignore.


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