Let's have a little fun and talk about sex.  Fun facts about sex.  I'm certainly no expert, insert laugh track here, so I bought a book to help me out.

In Arizona it is illegal for a secretary to be alone with his/her boss.  In Oklahoma you must be married in order to have sex legally.  Just 2 interesting facts about sex you'll learn in my video.

I've always been told sex and money make the world go round.  And let's face it, sex is God given, he built us to have urges so that we would procreate.

Adults who think their children will NEVER find they bits and pieces, wake up!  That's why, as adults, we should talk to our children about sex.  They should hear about it from their parents or guardian and not learn it on the streets for themselves.

[Via:  "1001 Things You Didn't Know You Wanted To Know"]



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