My daughter Brittni was a little homesick and couldn't be home for Easter as planned, so I traveled to her. The only thing...she had no idea I was coming. I surprised her at her apartment complex as she was returning from a run with boyfriend Connor Landry.

Last year, just after Christmas, I said goodbye to Britt as she and Connor left for San Antonio. Brittni relocated to San Antonio after taking a nursing position at St. Luke's Baptist Hospital. I had not seen her new place. And it had been nearly years since I'd been to San Antonio.

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Britt was supposed to be home for Easter but due to a last-minute schedule change, ended up having to work overnights the holiday weekend. Connor said she was disappointed, she missed her family. He asked if Blake (my son) and I would consider surprising her by driving in on Monday as she would have a few days off at the beginning of next week. Blake, nor I, could take off this week. Blake, like Brittni, had to work Easter weekend as well. However, after work on Thursday, I was off Good Friday and the weekend.

I reached out to Connor and told him the situation. He was disappointed as well. Since Brittni worked the night shift at the hospital Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, if I traveled to San Antonio for the weekend, I wouldn't get a chance to spend much time with her. She would have to sleep during the day which would allow her much free time. But I didn't care. If my daughter needed to see family, she was going to see family. If I spent ten minutes with her, the trip would be 100% worth it. So I left Thursday after work.

Brittni wanted one of her guitars that I had at home in Judice. So, my intent was to knock on her door of her apartment holding the guitar. When she answered I was going to say, "Didn't you say you wanted this?" But that's not how the surprise went down.

While I was driving, Britt called me in the car. She thought I was driving in Lafayette, but I was already in Houston on my way to her. She had no idea.

She said, "Dad, I have a hummingbird in my apartment. Connor had the door to the balcony open and it flew in. How do I get it out?" So we talked about how to get the hummingbird out and hung up.

I arrived at Britt's apartment while she and Connor were out for a run. Connor and I had been texting. He texted that they would be back in under 5 minutes as the running trail was just a mile away and that they were already in his truck driving back.

I deliberately parked near the entrance to the complex so I could watch them drive in. As they drove by, I ducked so Brittni wouldn't see me waiting in the car.

Connor went and parked his truck around the back of her building. As the two came around the corner, I was walking toward them with my head down. As I got closer...I picked my head up...and this is what happened.

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