Brittni Takes Nursing Position in San Antonio
For those of you who have followed Brittni's story and have sent so much love her way since she was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2016, we wanted to be the first to tell you her latest accomplishment.
UL Student Nurse Brittni Clements On How Cancer Changed Her Life
UL Student Brittni Clements, daughter of CJ Clements from 99.9 KTDY, will address via video, a group of nurses attending a banquet at Acadiana Center for the Arts tonight presented by Service Chevrolet. This will be the first time she talks about her life before, during and after being diagnosed wi…
Brittni's Test Results Are In
A few weeks ago, Brittni, her friend Abby, my son Blake and I traveled back to Tampa, Florida for tests at Moffitt Cancer Center. The results from the PCR, the big test, came in yesterday.
CJ's Daughter Brittni Rings Bell To Celebrate Cancer Free
August 8, 2018 was a very good day. My daughter Brittni was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (APL) High Risk February 11, 2016 while working at Disney in Orlando, Florida. A day that my family will never forget. But through Brittni's strength and determination, August 8, 2018 was a day …

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