It’s the three-letter word we have to whisper in polite company. Nah, it’s sex. We see it all the time and talk about it all the time regardless of whether it’s something we are experiencing at all.  Sex is big business in these United States that’s because we human beings are naturally hard-wired in our DNA to want it. That’s because without it the species wouldn’t survive.  

While the act of finding a partner for the purposes of keeping the species flourishing on the planet might seem like an honorable pursuit for many of us it’s an exercise in frustration. We want to not only make ourselves happy but for some of us the mindset and happiness of our partner figures into the equation too.  

While we can’t really offer advice on how to improve your partner’s ability to satisfy your desires, we can certainly add a few ideas to the back of your mind that you might call to the forefront when Cupid’s arrow strikes a chord across your heartstrings.  

The items we are about to offer are not new and if we are being honest, we didn’t dream them up. We have combined some of what we felt were the better and more easily achieved methods for an improved romantic report card. You can read the original stories on, where they actually came up with 25 ways to improve. Or, you might look at the story on where they focused on 29 different ways to stoke the flames of passion. 

But for our purposes we are going to take baby steps, we will just go with 10 different things you can do today that might improve your love life by as early as tonight. Or even sooner, if you follow our advice. 

10 Simple Ways to be a Better Lover Tonight


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