Everyone overeats on Thanksgiving right?  So are there really ways to eat and be merry without overdoing it?  The answer is YES!

The most important thing you can do to NOT overeat tomorrow is to eat breakfast.  Many people fast all day leading up to the big Thanksgiving meal, this is not good.  You will end up taking in MORE calories this way.

Drink before you start eating your holiday meal.  You will already feel somewhat full that way.  Note we suggest water, not alcohol.  Alcohol makes you crave fatty foods so definitely don't drink BEFORE a meal.

Fill your plate half full of vegetables.  Then add the rest of your food to your plate.  When you sit down, eat the vegetables first.

And lastly, don't act like you will never eat again.  Just changing that mindset will save you calories.  You wouldn't go back for thirds or fourths on a regular day, try not to do it tomorrow.  In Louisiana...Good luck with that!

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