Drones flying over when you're in your back yard or at the beach can be very annoying and quite an invasion of privacy, but in this case a drone off the coast of Florida caught a school of fish doing something remarkable.

A school of crevalle jack in Palm Beach County, Florida may be trying to send out a global message.

Restaurant owner Paul Dabill was shooting video with his drone, DJI Mavic Air 2, off the coast of Juno Beach in Palm Beach County, Florida on Tuesday. While filming, Dabill caught a school of reflective crevalle jack swimming in the shape of a heart.

Moving in unison, the fish form the most remarkable heart. The action of these fish is extraordinary and beautiful.

Dabill was trying to video migrating mullet fish and in the process found the school of crevalle jack doing incredible underwater acrobatics.

Crevalle Jack can grow as long as 5 feet but usually average about 2 feet in length. Although rare the fish can weigh over 70 pounds.

I was looking for mullet. This time of year is the fall mullet migration. There were no mullets at the beach this day. However, I found the school of Jack Crevalles instead. -Paul Dabill to South West News Service (SWNS)

The crevalle jack were more than likely feeding as they hunt in schools most of their lives.



Dabill reported the school of fish "maintained" the heart shape for several seconds.

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