Adam Rountree, Getty Images

Diets are dead.  Is that why so many Americans are overweight?

In 1991, more than 30% of Americans reported being on a diet.  In 2012, that number decreased to 20%.  Many experts believe it's because Americans are more accepting of larger bodies.  In a survey, more people in 1985 than in 2012 agreed with the statement that overweight people are less attractive than thin people, suggesting Americans’ attitude about weight has changed over time.

Other findings included people saying the reason dieting has fallen from grace is because people are lazy, the term diet is outdated for the times and that more people are making lifestyle changes rather than 'dieting'.

I've said on the air many many times, you cannot eat rice cakes and salads for the rest of your life...diets do not work!

[Via:  Daily Mail]