Lafayette General Health and COX have teamed up for a new project to create 'smart' hospital solutions. Telemedicine and online visits are at the center of the partnership that was announced today. The efforts will also help to streamline digital records and improve access to health care.

LGH Innovation, Research, and Real Estate Investments Executive Director Cian Robinson and Leigh King from COX Business joined Acadiana's Morning News to talk about the new partnership.

Read the full release below:

LAFAYETTE – Cox has announced a partnership with Lafayette General Health which will help Acadiana residents get the latest information on the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Starting immediately, Cox customers can use their Contour 2 remotes to get the very latest information from around the world and find tips to stay healthy. This is being done on a Cox video-on-demand channel. Cox customers should press the “Contour” button on their remote controls and scroll down to “Coronavirus Updates.” Additionally, Cox customers can say “Coronavirus” into their remote control to have the channel appear. In this tab, users will find: · Local telemedicine options, including Health Anywhere · Information from Lafayette General Health

  • All news programs and sources related to Coronavirus
  • Newest updates from the Centers for Disease Control
  • Newest updates from the World Health Organization
  • Live and previously recorded programming regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic

Cox Business vice president for Louisiana Leigh King said, “Cox is committed to keeping people connected to what matters most, whether it’s their families or important information to keep them safe and healthy. Our partnership with Lafayette General Health is one of many ways we’re working to serve our community during this unprecedented time.”

Cox Business and Lafayette General Health have been working together for some time to come up with innovative solutions for some of our community’s most pressing healthcare options in an effort to create a smart healthcare system. Cox Business looks forward to scaling this technology across the country with other health systems.

Lafayette General Health President David L. Callecod, FACHE says, “We are continuously learning new information about COVID-19, and Cox is offering a much-needed resource by providing credible, up-to-date health information to the public in real-time and all in one place. We are thankful to team up with a strong, local partner like Cox in this joint effort.”

The content on Cox’s Contour 2 boxes is available to anyone who has Cox Contour 2 services.

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