Hospital leaders at Lafayette General have made an addition to their long-standing practice of marking big events with a special song. Starting today, every Lafayette General Health facility will play a clip of the Bill Withers classic "Lean On Me" every time a COVID-19 patient is discharged from the hospital.

In these hard times, it's easy to focus on the number of new cases and the growing numbers of deaths in our state. We've had 15 COVID-19 related deaths in Lafayette, but healthcare workers are also saving patients every day. Thankfully, stats show the majority of patients in our area will be discharged after treatment. This is thanks to the dedication of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and others on the medical team.

This is an addition to Lafayette General's tradition of playing special music to mark big events at the hospital. You may not know, but every time a baby is born at a Lafayette General Health facility, a lullaby is played throughout the building to let everyone know. On the other end of life, when someone dies and they are an organ donor, the hospital plays "Amazing Grace" in their honor.

Lafayette General facilities include:

Abrom Kaplan Memorial Hospital, Kaplan
Acadia General Hospital, Crowley
Lafayette General Medical Center
Lafayette General Orthopaedic Hospital, Lafayette
Lafayette General Surgical Hospital, Lafayette
St. Martin Hospital, Breaux Bridge
University Hospital and Clinics, Lafayette

In recent weeks, the UL Lafayette College of Nursing and Allied Health has recognized this hard work with special signs to lift spirits at the hospital. Thanks for all you do.


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