While other schools will be making their way back to campus after the holiday break, Carencro Catholic is delaying their return to school due to COVID-19.

As the Omicron variant rages, Louisiana has reported record numbers when it comes to daily cases. Just today, LDH reported over 30,000 new COVID cases over New Year's Eve weekend.

Earlier today, Carencro Catholic posted that they will be postponing their return to campus and closing for the rest of the week due to the number of students and faculty with positive COVID test results in addition to other complications from the virus.

CCS was set to return to school this Wednesday, but according to a report from The Advocate, more than 60% of faculty, staff, and students have tested positive for COVID. This marks the first time that the school has closed since the beginning of the pandemic without an order from Governor John Bel Edwards.

This is our first time ever having to even consider delaying the start or closing the school. We’re not quite sure why this strain is so potent, but it’s knocking out everybody.

The Advocate report goes on to say that even the school principal at Carencro Catholic has tested positive for the virus, and there may be even more positive tests to come according to the school's director of advancement Morgen Landry.

The kicker is that there are still more getting tested as we speak. These positive cases are impacting faculty, staff and students. And the ones that don’t have COVID, most of them have someone in their household that has COVID that would prevent them from coming to school.

While there was no exact number of positive COVID cases given, the story states that there are 200 students and 32 employees on campus at Carencro Catholic meaning that there are well over 100 positive cases at their school alone.

Find out how Carencro Catholic plans to use days to navigate their current situation and get more details here via The Advocate.

In the meantime, school officials are hoping to be reopened by next Monday (Jan. 10) thanks to newer relaxed guidelines when it comes to COVID-19.

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