Winning a Powerball jackpot would change anyone's life dramatically. But, winning a huge Powerball jackpot could also impact your local community if you decide to invest some of that money into local businesses or attractions.

With a significant amount of money, you could bring back businesses or attractions that you have been missing. This could also significantly help out the community if your business offers well-paying jobs.

You may agree with the things that others would like to create or have come back to our community. You may completely disagree Be sure to give us your thoughts on what you would spend your money on if you win a massive amount of money.

Arcade Game
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Aladdin's Castle

Remember Aladdin's Castle in Acadiana Mall? We constantly hear from people when we ask them about which retro business they would want to see come back that they would love to have Aladdin's Castle back.

It's been years since we had Aladdin's Castle in our mall, and in 2022 the last Alladdin's Castle in America closed their doors according to The last location was at the Quincy Town Center Mall. The story points out that the final Aladdin's Castle was a victim of COVID-19.

Aladdin's Castle was such a fun place back in the day. It would be great to go to an old-school place with older games to play.

Maurice Heymann Memorial Park
Photo courtesy of Lafayette Government

Heymann Memorial Park Fountain

Did you know there used to be a fountain right near South College and Girard Park Drive? The park is called the Heymann Memorial Park. Times change, and so do community needs, and the fountain is no more.

You could see children playing in the grass around the fountain, families would have picnics there, and it was lovely just to sit and watch the fountain while hearing its soothing splashing.

Luckily, we do have more fountains in Acadiana to enjoy.

The Real Superstore
Photo by Lawrence Erny

The Real Superstore

Just for fun and to employ people, it would be fun to bring back the Real Superstore grocery store. I'm not knocking any other grocery stores or grocery store chains because we have some amazing places to purchase our food, but it is something people mention on Facebook often about places they think about.

Does anyone remember the chocolate eclairs filled not with Bavarian cream, but with chocolate? The chocolate was almost like fudge.

Remember how mad your parents were back in the day when they had to put a quarter in to get a shopping cart? It was always fun to watch the employees who knew how to skate, roller skating around the store doing their work.

Acadiana Mall Fountain

Acadiana Mall Fountain

People often write on Facebook when asked about the things they wish would come back, they would want the Acadiana Mall Fountain to come back.

It's probably very expensive to operate a fountain. Is that the reason that the Acadiana Mall decided to do away with the fountain? I don't know. But the lovers of that fountain should would like to see it return.

The sound of water jetting into the air and splashing down is very soothing. Most people would want a setup with a meandering structure like it used to look and maybe with some comfortable seating. There could be couches and super soft chairs!

Remember the little 'cave' feature that existed when the fountain was there before? The water would flow over a structure at the top creating a small area below where a bench was placed. You and your significant other could sit there and watch a sheet of water fall and a little mist would even hit your face. It was extremely peaceful.

I think most of us either went there to smooch with our boyfriend/girlfriend, or we caught someone doing this!

ShowBiz Pizza Times Of Acadiana Article
Courtesy of Astor Morgan

ShowBiz Pizza

People often respond to us that they would want to bring back ShowBiz Pizza. Remember their slogan, "Where a kid can be a kid"?

How hilarious was the bear jamboree? It also featured a bunch of ski ball games, other table games, and arcade games. You could employ super entertaining people to make it fun for all ages. And for parents, you could also employ a massive amount of super-qualified, super-responsible babysitters so that the parents can have fun as well!

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