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Even though some people might think its too early in the year, Halloween season is in full swing. Social media sites are filled with people finding tons of Halloween goodies at stores, and you can already see decoration in yards around the area.

Not to mention Halloween superstore are already opening up inside your closed down K-Marts and Toys-R-Us locations from coast to coast.

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

While these stores aren't open year-round, you can always find Halloween decorations and costumes online. Especially on sites like Amazon. Because they have everything.

But they really step there game up when we get close to the actual Halloween season. Even though you can always find something macabre on Amazon, finding gigantic outdoor Halloween decorations just means more when you can put them up as soon as they come in.

We took a look at the most expensive (which appear to be the biggest as well) Halloween decorations currently listed on Amazon, and weren't let down. From giant pumpkins to animatronic zombie brides, there are some quality items. However the prices are pretty high on some of these bad boys. But you can actually find some of these items listed by other retailers, and they often have lower asking prices. So even on Amazon, shopping around can save you a little bit of cash.

Check out the 8 most expensive items we found in the Halloween decoration department on Amazon:

The 8 Most Expensive Halloween Decorations On Amazon

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