I began my career as a semi-professional child in the 60s and I excelled in that position through the 1970s. It was during that time I saw with my own eyes Halloween go from a really cool homemade, handmade celebration of neighborhoods to an evil outing that could kill children.

You see, back in those simpler times, we didn't hustle down to the Walgreens to buy the big back of fun-sized treats. Our parents, usually our moms, made homemade treats to pass out to the neighborhood kids.

TSM/Staff Photo
TSM/Staff Photo

Back in those days you could make treats in your kitchen and hand them out to the neighbor kids because most parents knew all of the kids in the neighborhood. But that changed during the 70s as television news reports screamed of incidents where razor blades were found in apples or illicit drugs were included in candy wrappers.

I never once met or knew anyone who had bitten into a bladed apple. I have known a lot of people who do drugs, I can tell you they are not about to give them away as Halloween treats, they are going to save those items for their personal use.

Yet, still, the homemade treat was scorned, not because of anything it did but because some ne'er do wells could use it as a vehicle for evil. I guess it's the same mentality that forces us to remove our shoes when we get on an airplane.

woman upset that poor kids trick or treat in her rich neighborhood
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But never the less, I shall wax nostalgic and take you back to the days when Halloween was worth putting on a costume for. Please enjoy these homemade treats, at least on the computer because I think the only place you can find them these days is at your grandmother's house or maybe a Buc-ees or Cracker Barrel.

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