Trick-or-treating on Halloween is a time for children. Those children go around and collect candy from neighbors while dressed up in costume. It's a good time for children and families to go out, and it's actually pretty nice to see all the kids who walk away smiling because they are going to have an incredible sugar high that night.

Trick-or-treating, however, is not for adults. But there are, of course, people who take advantage of the night to walk away with a score for themselves. There are, of course, plenty of bad neighbors.

A Dayton, Ohio, man has one such neighbor, but he has decided to get vocal about it on social media.

Due to COVID, the man and his fiancee remained inside and left the bowl of candy out for neighborhood kids to come by and take a piece of candy from the bowl. It's always understood that some kids will take more than one, but you never expect a grown adult coming up to the door and taking the entire bowl full.

The man who shared the footage pointed out in his Reddit post that you can see the woman's child in the background.

At first I thought she was childless but if you look in the background you can see her child companion wait for her to make her (not very) speedy getaway. Children taking handfuls is expected but this is just pathetic.

He has gone ahead and shared the video in his own community and with local media in an attempt to raise awareness.

I have indeed posted her video and still images on the local Facebook and contacted 4 local news channels through Facebook DM with the photos and video. Kinda petty but I'm honestly pretty bored during isolation

Several users expressed their outrage over the outrageous theft.

attachment-Ohio candy thief slug
Credit: Reddit

"Blow up a few stills to post outside next year," another user wrote. "Just think of how she would react to a life-size cardboard cutout of herself holding the bowl next Halloween."

But there is a somewhat happy ending to the story. One child who later came back refilled the bowl with his own candy.

Shortly after this a sweet young man saw our bowl was empty and put most of his candy in it, but I won't post that as he's just a child.

Naturally, the kid was hailed as a hero.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

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