The Craziest Fashions of Oscar Night 2013
When it comes to taking fashion risks, awards shows are the ideal time to just buck up and go for it. There are like, millions of people watching, after all. That being said, it does take a whole 'lotta guts to ere on the side of crazy couture, but this year's Oscars were bound to have som…
Women Dress To Impress Other Women, Not Men
This may surprise a lot of men but apparently it's no secret to women...Women dress to impress other women, not men.  A survey found women are more likely to size up the competition than check out guys.
Miley Cyrus Chops Off Her Hair
Miley Cyrus had an eventful Sunday (Aug. 12.) She chopped off her hair. A week after debuting lighter, shorter locks, which framed her face and were still long enough to pile into a bun atop her head, the singer/actress has gone drastically and dramatically shorter. She’s sporting a …
It Pays To Wear Red
It pays to wear red.  All you have to do is ask anyone in Acadiana about the color red and they'll tell you just how University of Louisiana Lafayette proud we are.
But wearing red is not just a ULL thing, there is really something to it.
How To Tell When A Woman Has No Friends
One of the comments I hear from my co-workers (women) is "Oh, she must have no friends".  So I asked what they meant by that.  The reply?  "If she would have real friends, they wouldn't let her go out dressed like that!!"
Men Wearing Skirts at Jazz Fest in New Orleans
JazzFest 2012 was historic for a number of reasons. Tops on my list was the fact that the Eagles played, of course, but another reason was the crowds - reported total attendance was estimated at 450,000, the highest number since 2003. One of the people among the thousands of attendees …

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