Top 15 Public High Schools in Acadiana
A few days ago a website called Niche published their rankings and profiles for high schools nationwide. We combed through the results for public high schools in Louisiana and have the top schools for Acadiana.
CBS 'Zoo' Canceled After Three Seasons
Say goodbye to earthquake sloths, mutant vultures and James Wolk – CBS’ Zoo is officially closing the gates. The fan-favorite sci-fi drama based on James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge’s novel has been canceled after three bonkers seasons, in spite of its profitable Netflix arra…
Michael Bay Is Producing a ‘Dora the Explorer’ Movie
Hi, friends! Can you tell us where the Dora the Explorer movie is hiding? Did you say, “In Michael Bay’s bank account”? Very good! …But also: What?! Michael Bay, purveyor of glistening biceps, incomprehensible robo-action and explosives, is producing a a live-action (emph…

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