July 18 Birthdays with Janet
On Friday, we choose someone celebrating this week for gourmet cupcakes from Piece of Cake and an exclusive Janet’s Joke of the Day t-shirt from Hulco Printers!
CJ's Daily Message: An Amazing Quote About Death From Steve Jobs
If you only watch one of my 'Daily Messages', it should be this one. Steve Jobs was an amazing man. His quote about death may be the most profound quote ever. He says, "No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to Heaven don't want to die." He goes on to say, &quo…
Anne Rice’s ‘Vampire Chronicles’ TV Series Lands at Hulu
After Josh Boone’s plans for a new Vampire Chronicles film adaptation (possibly starring Jared Leto) fell through, Paramount and Anne Rice decided to take the author’s beloved novel franchise to the small screen. Last year, the studio announced that it had optioned the rights to Ricee&#…

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