It pays to wear red.  All you have to do is ask anyone in Acadiana about the color red and they'll tell you just how University of Louisiana Lafayette proud we are.

But wearing red is not just a ULL thing, there is really something to it. Research found that waitresses can increase the amount of their tips by 25% just by wearing red.  (This works, the other night at Mel's I was very tip generous and as I think back, they were all wearing RED)

The research says the wearing red trick only works on male customers.  (Well, there you go)  Before your mind goes in the gutter, there was no need for flirtation or even a low - cut top in the study.  Men even left a bigger tip for the same waitress when she was wearing a red shirt than when she wasn't.  Red lipstick even increased tips!

Seems as though men are subconsciously attracted to the color red.  It's a sexual thing!

[Via:  Mail Online]