Prom queens are being tricked online by internet scammers.  Don't let your teen be one of them.

Mom and dad, watch your teens backs, these guys look and act real, but you may end up paying a designer amount for a fake.  Internet scammers are reportedly swindling high school girls by selling them designer knockoff gowns.

From the big cities to the small towns, teens across America have been wooed by these internet cheaters into purchasing cheap fake prom dresses.  One girl ordered a beaded gown that arrived with a bag of beads and a sewing kit.  These gowns arrive the wrong size, color, constructed of cheap fabric and poor stitching.

Prom dress designers and the federal government are aware of the problem and are trying to deal with it, but say new sites offering counterfeit dresses pop up constantly. Many of these companies are based overseas, making it virtually impossible to track them down and return these dresses for a refund.

Shopping local helps to assure quality and a perfect fit every time!

[Via:  Today News]